Fabfob is a new and innovative way to tag valuables such as keys, mobile phones, laptops, cameras, iPods or passports to ensure that if you lose them and their found you get them back quickly and safely, sometimes before you even knew they were gone. Show me what a Fabfob looks like .


The front of the Fabfob contains our contact details (web address and telephone number).
The back of the Fabfob contains your unique QR code that the finder can scan with their mobile phone to notify you that your keys have been found. If they can't scan the QR code, then they can quote the unique Fabfob ID code and security number printed on your card when calling us or visiting our website. Either way - you get your keys back - fast!

All you need to do is attach the Fabfob to your keyring and you're protected; Instantly increasing your chances of recovering your lost keys from 5% to 90%!


This is how Fabfob works:

Register and activate your new Fabfob by visiting Fabfob.com or scanning the QR code on the back of your new Fabfob.

Enter your contact details and choose what you would like a "finder" to see to enable them to contact you quickly to arrange the safe return of your lost property. This can include your name, mobile number and email address. You can choose to display no personal information and let the "finder" only contact us.

As an added incentive to finders to contact you quickly you can also offer an extra reward of up to £30. You must activate your Fabfob key tag before you can register a travel pack sticker.

Your Fabfob is now activated and you will receive a welcome text and email from us.

If you lose your keys with a Fabfob attached you've instantly increased your chances of getting them back from 5% to 90%

You can now register and activate Fabfob travel stickers:

Enter the Fabfob travel pack sticker ID, tell us what you are attaching the tag to and press update. If you say it.s on a mobile phone you have the option to select an alternative number for us to text and call if your phone is found.

If you are protecting your passport with a Fabfob and tell us the passport expiry date and we will automatically text and email you before it expires.

Fabfob is a truly unique and invaluable service.

If you lose a Fabfob protected item and someone finds it:

The Fabfob invites a "finder" to either scan the QR code, call or text our 24:7 emergency hotline 07788 247 999 or go online to Fabfob.com

Finders are incetivised to do this by the "Reward if Found" text on the Fabfob although research has shown that most people are not motivated by the reward but by honesty and a desire to return lost property when the owner can be identified.

They are then asked to enter the unique Fabfob ID code and the security number displayed on the Fabfob. You will immediately get a text straight to your mobile and an email telling you that you've lost something, if you had set that Fabfob ID as being attached to a camera, for example the text will say "You've lost your Camera and it's been found"

Often we tell you've lost your things before you even realise there gone. Fabfob finds you!

The "finder" is then asked to either contact you directly using the details you set, contact us on our emergency hotline or they can supply a contact number for us or you to call them straight back, it couldn't be easier!

Fabfob fact file:

  • Over 840,000 of us lose a set of keys every year.
  • London Transport returns less than 5% of lost keys because they have no way of identifying the owners. That's Over 11,000 people didn't get their lost keys back last year on London Transport alone!
  • 1 in every 10 drivers does not have a spare key to their car.
  • It costs £893 to recover and replace locks and keys on Volkswagen Polo.
  • 7.2 Million mobile phones are lost or stolen in the UK every year.
  • 1 in 6 of us will lose a mobile phone this year.
  • 1 in 10 people have their travel plans disrupted because their passport has expired or is not valid for the required time.
  • 350,000 people will lose their passport this year.