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The smart way to lose your keys

90% of Fabfob protected keys are returned if found, often within hours, sometimes within minutes and occasionally before you even knew they were gone.

Over 500,000 of us lose a set of keys every year in the UK.

London Transport returns less than 5% of lost keys because they have no way of identifying the owners. That's 11,000 people who didn't get their keys back.

Get Found. Get a Fabfob. Find out more >

Step 1 Lost Keys

If you lose your keys with a Fabfob attached

You've instantly increased your chances of getting then back from 5% to 90%

Step 2 Scan Code

The Finder scans the unique QR code on your Fabfob

Alternatively, they can call, text or visit our site. What's a QR code?

Step 3 Text Alert

You're instantly notified that your Keys have been found

We send you a text to your mobile and an email to let you know.

Step 4 Return Keys

Their safe return is only a phonecall away!

You can decide whether the finder can contact you directly, or let the Fabfob team handle it.

Money Back Guarantee!

We offer a 30-day, no quibble guarantee. 100% of your money back if you're not completely satisfied.

Secure Payments with Sagepay

All Fabfob purchases are made through Sagepay's secure online payment system.